Providing Solutions for:

Leaders Transitioning to New Roles
Culture Resulting in Employee/ Clinician Burnout
Recent Merger or Acquisition
Underperforming Teams

Our mission is to positively impact your organization through our research-based techniques that are delivered through accessible and effective leadership coaching. 

Our Services

Laser-Focused Coaching

The laser-focused coaching program builds a foundation through The Four Pillars of Leadership.  With this unique program designed by Tresane, we can support up to 50 participants in each engagement. Learn more.

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching accelerates leadership impact within their teams, organizations, and communities. Learn more.

Group Coaching

Each group coaching engagement focuses on developing 8 leaders that impact the organizations sustainability and growth. Learn more.

Team Coachinig

Each team coaching engagement focuses on developing skills for up to 8 leaders who share aligned goals. Learn more.

Online Community

The Tribe provides a digital space where former coaching participants connect with people on the same journey.  Tribe members focus on their continued growth and learn from others how they overcome lifes bumps that can disrupt well-laid plans. Learn more.

Message from our CEO & Head Coach David Baumgartner

At Tresane, we support leaders who have achieved results in their current role and help them grasp the importance of legacy leadership that generates long-term success after they are gone. 


Tresane believes that strong and confident leaders know how to achieve results and build a team who can mimic those results in any situation. The skills taught by our team can then be transitioned by a confident leader into any given setting. 


We at Tresane know that leaders will appreciate the ROI they receive from developing strong confident leaders as it leads to higher productivity and reduces overall burnout.  

Client Testimonials

Bob, President - Swizznet

“My consultant showed me how tailoring a program to my company’s specific needs and people can have a significant and quick impact on my growing business. Outstanding and highly recommended.”

Angie, OTR/L - Rehab Operations Officer


“My coaching sessions were so individualized and specific to what I needed. This helped me foster a different approach in how I looked at situations that I was faced with every day. My change has been so uplifting and life-changing! The coaching strategies for me has transformed my personal and professional growth path. I have learned leadership strategies to encourage others and self-awareness to help me modify my approaches in day to day life.”

Michelle, VP-Human Resources, SHRM-SPHR

“After a year of working together, I am amazed at how much I have grown! During our sessions, my coach asks questions, listens for trends and hot buttons, and invites me to explore those further. They helped me own the person that I am highlights the positive impact I can have, and encourages me to “bring me” to every situation. My coach didn’t tell me what to do, they guided me to the answers through questions and discussions.”