Bringing Workplaces Together

In today’s dynamic environment, embracing the Tresane model is essential to unleash your leadership and team potential, cultivate collaboration, and nurture a resilient and inclusive workplace culture that thrives amidst rapid change and uncertainty.

Embrace the Tresane Model and empower your organization for extraordinary success.

Leaders and teams

Creating Clarity, Balance, and Focus for Leaders and Teams in the Workplace

Bringing Workplace Together so that they can:

  • Innovate and create new ways of thinking
  • Improve systems and processes
  • Enhance customer and employee experience
  • Reduce factors that contribute to burnout
  • Strengthen alignment, clarity and focus
  • Balance competing demands

Customizing Our Approach to Meet Your Goal

Bringing Workplaces Together to meet your needs

For Individuals

Embracing the Tresane Model opens the door to enhancing coaching and mentoring skills, empowering individuals to foster a culture of continuous growth, boosting team performance, instilling confidence, and nurturing a supportive workplace. 

Group Workshops

Explore the power of customized group workshops. Our workshops are tailored to your unique leadership and team development needs. Discover engaging, interactive sessions designed to unlock your team’s full potential and drive success. 

For Teams

We cultivate the skills necessary for innovation and continuous improvement through immersive team-based projects. By embracing diverse perspectives and strengthening team bonds, teams foster the capacity to drive meaningful enhancements.

The Tresane Model

With nearly three decades of experience supporting leaders and teams, we’ve gleaned valuable insights from their challenges and successes. This wealth of knowledge, combined with cutting-edge research, forms the core of the Tresane Model

Domain 1

Align Self

Individuals develop the competency of self-assurance, gaining the confidence to express their authentic voice, make decisions, and take actions rooted in their values and inner compass.

Domain 2

Align Relationships

A broader perspective, understanding what is important to others and why enabling effective give-and-take, and reducing the risk of being blindsided by unanticipated challenges or missed opportunities.

Domain 3

Align Teams

The core principle of the Tresane Model is team development. Domains one and two support individual growth, empowering them to lead and collaborate within teams to optimize business performance and seize opportunities.

From Novice to Master: We Support Leaders at Every Stage of the Career Journey

Elevate leadership and team development at any stage of the career journey with Tresane Seasons. The Tresane Model brings clarity, focus, and balance to support organizational stability, whether you’re an emerging leader or a seasoned veteran. From the self-awareness of Winter to the growth of Spring, the collaboration of Summer, and the introspection of Autumn, our unique approach fuels growth, curiosity, and psychological safety at every stage of leadership and team development. 

Emerge 2023

Engaging Workshops

Embark on a transformative journey fueled by research-based principles! In today’s dynamic environment, seize the opportunity to unlock your leadership and team potential by embracing the Tresane model. 

Gain practical insights, strategies, and tools to cultivate exceptional leadership, foster collaboration, and create a thriving workplace culture.  Schedule an engaging speaking engagement or immersive workshop to discover the transformative power of embracing the Tresane model. 

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Practical Applications

Explore our blog for practical applications of the Tresane Model—a roadmap to inspire growth and collaboration within your teams and leadership. Click the link below to unlock valuable insights.

25 Min. Call to Learn More

Ignite exceptional leadership and supercharge team development! Schedule a 25-minute call to explore the transformative potential of the Tresane model and pave the way for extraordinary success in your organization.

About David

With over two decades of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to organizations looking to embrace the Tresane model.

My journey began in 2002 when we utilized values to establish clear expectations within within our family, witnessing firsthand the profound impact they had on shaping behavior and fostering a positive environment.

As an HR Professional, I seamlessly translated this experience into guiding leaders to leverage their organization’s espoused values as a powerful tool for establishing expectations and driving team alignment.

The Tresane model, born from this unique blend of personal and professional experiences, offers a comprehensive approach that not only develops exceptional leaders but also cultivates a cohesive and high-performing team culture. With a deep understanding of values awareness and its impact on leadership development and team alignment, I am dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

David Baumgartner

CEO & Coach


What Our Clients Say

“After a year of working together, I am amazed at how much I have grown! During our sessions, my coach asks questions, listens for trends and hot buttons, and invites me to explore those further. They helped me own the person that I am highlights the positive impact I can have, and encourages me to “bring me” to every situation. My coach didn’t tell me what to do, they guided me to the answers through questions and discussions.”


VP-Human Resources, SHRM-SPHR

Supporting Leaders and Teams to be their Best

So they can bring THEIR workplace TOGETHER!