Bringing Workplaces Together



Tresane offers a 45-minute complimentary coaching session with an executive-level decision maker to uncover the challenges inside an organization that prevents them from achieving at the highest level.

Creating Clarity, Balance, and Focus for leaders and teams in the workplace

Life and work can be messy; our approach helps leaders and teams embrace daily realities so they can accomplish more. By becoming clear on how to navigate messy realities, teams learn to focus and balance, so they can eliminate distractions and operate in ways they are comfortable and productive.


For Individuals

Everything starts with an individual.  Team members to executive leaders.  We offer coaching programs for individuals or groups so that they:

  • Increase clarity and self-confidence in balancing competing demands, increasing calm under pressure.
  • Better at overcoming adversity through greater connection with diverse viewpoints, increasing emotional intelligence to get greater buy-in.
  • Enhanced ability to connect with and build a team, reducing burnout and improved work-life balance

For Organizational Teams

Teams and teamwork are the backbones of organizational success.  We work with teams so that they:

  • Increase role clarity and focus on important tasks that come from knowing exactly why the team exists so that they are better at filtering and managing noise that can distract.
  • Improved transparency and collaboration from increased trust and psychological safety so that the team becomes a learning team where everyone works together to improve processes, services, and outcomes.
  • Increased stability through times of transition from shared leadership where the team knows how to focus on key initiatives, shared responsibility, and accountability speeding up adopting of change brought on by leadership or team member change or change brought on by a new initiative, merger, or acquisition.

      Message from CEO & Coach David Baumgartner

      Over the decades I’ve had the opportunity to support leaders and teams at every level in the organization through combining the time tested framework of emotional intelligence with the an understanding of how values awareness can impact performance.

      Today Tresane supports individuals, and teams gain greater role clarity and improve decision making so that they can impact their environments and their organizations.  Within organizations, we support their ability to broaden the reach and impact of leadership coaching through the power of groups.

      Client Testimonials

      Bob, President - Swizznet

      “My consultant showed me how tailoring a program to my company’s specific needs and people can have a significant and quick impact on my growing business. Outstanding and highly recommended.”

      Angie, OTR/L - Rehab Operations Officer


      “My coaching sessions were so individualized and specific to what I needed. This helped me foster a different approach in how I looked at situations that I was faced with every day. My change has been so uplifting and life-changing! The coaching strategies for me has transformed my personal and professional growth path. I have learned leadership strategies to encourage others and self-awareness to help me modify my approaches in day to day life.”

      Michelle, VP-Human Resources, SHRM-SPHR

      “After a year of working together, I am amazed at how much I have grown! During our sessions, my coach asks questions, listens for trends and hot buttons, and invites me to explore those further. They helped me own the person that I am highlights the positive impact I can have, and encourages me to “bring me” to every situation. My coach didn’t tell me what to do, they guided me to the answers through questions and discussions.”