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The Tresane Model - Self

Self-Awareness: A Cornerstone of Leadership and Team Development

One foundational concept stands tall in the journey of leadership and team development: self-awareness. Within this domain, we delve into three crucial facets of self-awareness – personal values, the ability to read physical emotions, and recognizing the influence of self-talk and perspective.

Tresane Model - Self

Why Self-Awareness Matters in Leadership and Team Development

Self-awareness is the keystone of leadership and team development for several reasons:

  • Conflict Resolution: It enables leaders to recognize their triggers and biases, facilitating more constructive conflict resolution.
  • Effective Communication: Leaders with self-awareness are better at conveying their intentions and understanding the needs of their team members.
  • Personal Growth: It fosters a culture of continuous improvement, inspiring leaders and teams to learn from their experiences and adapt.
  • Trust and Authenticity: Self-aware leaders are seen as more authentic, building trust within their teams and organizations.


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Self-Awareness is the Cornerstone

Self-awareness is the cornerstone for building effective leadership and cohesive teams. It empowers leaders to lead authentically, teams to collaborate harmoniously, and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Embracing self-awareness is the first step toward unlocking your leadership and team development potential within the Tresane Model.