Tresane Innovations

Tools to Measure Progress Over Time

Our Tools and Resources – Measurable and Tangible

No matter what needs to be improved, tactical skills such as delegation or managing change, or soft skills that support emotionally intelligent environments, we utilize several assessments and digital tools designed to support measurable growth.

  • Self-assessments create a foundation for self-confidence and a desire to grow.
  • 360-type assessments build confidence and help reduce blind spots.
  • Team assessments support alignment and focus when a small group needs to achieve results together.
  • Organizational assessments validate the culture and progress.

Team Alignment

The team assessment looks at the six pillars of effective teams showing where the team is aligned and where they aren’t.  It is available as a team self-assessment or a 360 getting feedback from others.

PERRILL Team Assessment

Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence assessment is foundational for developing the intangible skills needed for effective leadership.  This is available as a self-assessment or a 360.

Values Awareness

Values awareness is the key to setting expectations and accountability.  Values assessments are available for individuals, as a 360, for teams, and for organizations.

Leadership Self Assessment

Leadership 360

Leadership 360 provides the opportunity to get 360 feedback from direct reports, peers, and their leaders in important competencies.

Leadership 360


DISC is valuable for gaining insights into individual personality and behavior styles.  It is available for individuals,  teams, or as a 360.

Core Competencies

The core competency index provides leaders with the foundation for improving tactical skills such as communication, delegation, or managing change.