Tresane Innovations

Team Coaching

Improving Team Effectiveness

Team coaching improves team effectiveness and is ideal for any of the following:

  • A newly formed team responsible for an important initiative.
  • An existing team to improve its ability to achieve results collectively.
Team Alignment

Typical components of team coaching

Team coaching engagements are customized to the project’s needs; typical components might include the following.

  • We work with the team leader and organizational sponsor to define the project scope and goals during the project design phase.
  • The team discovery phase may include various assessments and interviews to gain an accurate 360 perspective.
  • Team coaching calls are divided between 1-on-1  calls with the team leader and team calls with the entire team.
  • The withdrawal phase is a critical final step that hardwires the learning so the participants can apply what they learn to their current and future teams.

Project duration and time commitment vary based on the scope.

  • Team engagements are generally longer-term, starting at six months and frequently one year or more.
  • The discovery and withdrawal phases are often completed in person, while most team coaching calls can be achieved during short virtual calls.
  • In the early stages of a project, calls are typically monthly back and forth between a 1-on-1 with the team leader and a team call.
  • The frequency of coaching calls can reduce to 3 to 4 times per year as the project matures.