Benefit from Professional Coaching While Helping the Nursing Industry At-Large

Tresane is currently looking for up to 100 nursing leaders to participate in an exciting study that will measure the effectiveness of healthcare-specific coaching. Study participants will come away with techniques and strategies they can use in real-life settings, while possibly increasing their overall on-the-job well-being.

Research continues to validate that professional coaching helps clinicians:

  • Reduce burnout
  • Build resilience
  • Increase work engagement
  • Improve psychological capital
  • Enhance job satisfaction

Tresane’s overall mission is to broaden the reach and effectiveness of coaching throughout organizations of all sizes. The goal of this study is to identify specific group coaching interventions that support this mission.

Individuals and Groups Welcome for Exciting 12-Week Program!

If you’re a nursing leader or responsible for a group of nursing professionals, we invite you to join our 12-week coaching engagement.  You and your colleagues will benefit from targeted coaching while we measure resilience before and after the coaching engagement.

Our research will look at the effects of coaching on both individuals and groups.  Spots are available for single participants from any given organization and groups from the same organization, with one person designated as the group’s sponsor.  Group participants may include peers working at different locations or colleagues working at the same location.

How does it work?

  • Participants will attend six 45-minute zoom sessions every other week
  • Meetings will focus on specific topics and include breakout sessions
  • Participants will be asked to join a virtual community made up exclusively of fellow participants
  • Within the community, participants will be encouraged to share their perspectives on two posts/questions each week
  • Communities will be supportive environments where participants are encouraged to boost and mentor each otherParticipants will be asked to complete a 20–30-minute assessment:
    • Before coaching begins
    • At the conclusion of 12-weeks
    • 3 months after study ends
    • 6 months after study ends

What is expected of group sponsors?

While no set structure is designed for group sponsors, they should expect to:

  • Understand participant expectations and validate individuals’ capacity to participate
  • Discuss expectations with participants
  • Conduct check-ins with participants throughout the engagement
  • Complete a survey at the conclusion of the engagement to provide feedback on the study and its observed effects on the participants

This is a can’t miss opportunity for professional development that will benefit you, your organization and the entire nursing community.

Spots are limited, so apply now by clicking here.  We thank you in advance for your time and participation!

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