For decades David has worked with leaders and teams to achieve results by bringing more clarity, balance, and focus to their work.  As a speaker, David connects with participants in engaging conversations combining research with practical application.

More than a speaking engagement

We know that people leave conferences with good intentions for change, and often life gets in the way.  Our speaking engagements provide no-obligation virtual follow-up calls to deepen the learning and to connect the conversation to life.

Speaking customized to your audience

While many concepts of leadership and team development are universal, we have the experience to customize our speaking engagements to your audience.

Our most popular speaking engagements

Below is a summary of our three most popular speaking engagements.

Title: Leadership and team accountability – Think Big and Think Small

Description: Today, leaders are part of a complex web of interconnections, all with competing demands.  The leader’s ability to navigate the needs of customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc., is paramount to creating team alignment that is crisp and clear. 

Title: Creating organizational and team expectations – Understanding the impact of values

Description: Leaders and team members all bring their expectations to work using words like “teamwork,” “respect,” or “integrity.”  These words represent personal values.  Asking someone to complete a task is relatively straightforward.  Expecting people to maintain a certain culture or customer experience is different.  Understanding values are critical and a foundation for creating that consistent experience. 

Title: Burnout – What is it and ways to avoid it 

Description: Before COVID, burnout was a concern in industries like healthcare because of its link to medical errors, quality of care, and patient satisfaction ratings.  Burnout is associated with excessive workload and 5 other work-life factors.  If staffing levels are at the “new normal,” the ability of a leader and team to impact the other 5 work-life factors is critical.