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Sales – SHC Compassion Fatigue Intro

Compassion Fatigue at the Revolution

We are delighted to present our approach to addressing compassion fatigue through the framework of the Tresane Model.

Sample Modules

Below are a couple of modules that can give you an idea of how we support self-awareness and curiosity.  This first video introduces our Leadership Foundations program, which is part of the Winter Season.  We call it the winter season because we are working with people to help them uncover the power of self-awareness.

Values Awareness

A key aspect of self-awareness is understanding personal values’ impact on our daily lives.  Each of the six modules with the foundations’ program will include an intro video, a few reflective questions, and then a short video designed to support the participants’ growth.

The videos below are the intro video and concluding video for the Values Awareness module.

This program can be delivered in a self-paced style, or a coach can host virtual calls to support questions and learning.