For Organizations

Organizations achieve success in an uncertain complex world by gaining alignment on mission and purpose.  

Alignment is achieved through two principles:

  • Development of consistent language to gain consistency in the interpretation of words and what the word means to the organization and their customers.
  • Embracing diverse perspectives by connecting the dots between personal and organizational values. 

No one solution fits every organization: 

  • Each organization is different and so is its opportunity.
  • Our network of colleagues works with you to design the solution that fits your goals/objectives.
  • We invest heavily in the analysis and design phase of the relationship.
  • Measurement, feedback, and candid conversations are keys to our mutual learning so that our work is accomplishing what is important to your organization. 

For Teams

Volatility and Ambiguity are a part of life.  Teams reduce that impact on their organizations when they focus on specific initiatives where the collective efforts of a small group of people can have a dramatic impact on organizational success. 

Newly formed teams, existing teams, or teams formed for a special project, our mission is:

  • Increase role clarity and team focus
  • Enhance the quality of team decision making 
  • Magnify collaboration and problem solving skills

    To accomplish this: 

    • Group or individual assessments may be used over time to measure actual vs the desired culture. 
    • Focus on team and individual goal-setting with various feedback tools to measure progress.