Our Approach

While smaller-scale projects can be practical, research tells us that an organizational approach is more effective.  Often, organizations consider topics like burnout or job stress as an individual problem, offering solutions like yoga, breathing techniques, and practicing resilience.  However, there is mounting evidence that band-aide approaches to this workplace challenge are not helping.  Additional research provides clear evidence that targeted and organizational-wide interventions to reduce physician burnout are the most effective. 

At Tresane, we’ve developed packaged methods that do just that.   

Building a Coaching Culture

Today, organizations need to be more proactive, discover alternate solutions, and build a solution-oriented culture to not only survive but compete in today’s turbulent times.  In times of change, it’s more important than ever to have an effective change management plan with people equipped to lead the change.  Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop change management competencies. 

At Tresane, we work with your organization to develop a plan, combining different coaching services to build a coaching culture.  At the end of the engagement, people will: