Tresane Innovations

Leadership and Team Development

Our Goal – To Be Your Trusted Leadership and Team Development Partner 

Our specialty is leadership and team development.  If your organization has a mature L&D team, we can support you with a specific project.  If your organization does not need a full-time L&D team, we supplement your HR resources with cost-effective services.

What you can expect – Improved Results

Employees differ in terms of the things they value.  The inability to recognize these differences and to navigate them affects business results.  Teams improve results by reducing these avoidable disruptions to team effectiveness.

Our research-based approaches enhance leadership and team competencies to enhance effectiveness now and in the future.

Our Approach to Leadership and Team Development is Effective and Customizable

Our approaches are designed to fit into the schedule of busy people, making our solutions an effective alternative to lengthy retreat-type events.  Solutions include:

  • Group coaching supports the same growth goal in a group setting.  This makes it perfect for an emerging leader program or where sustained learning is essential.
  • Team coaching is perfect for a team coordinating the execution of a project or a team that has to work together effectively.  In essence, when the combined efforts of a group are critical to success.
  • The primary difference is that group coaching focuses on individual learning in a group setting.  In contrast, team coaching is focused on collective learning to achieve results together.
  • 1-on-1 coaching is often combined with group or team coaching or as a stand-alone development initiative.