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Coaching Competencies for HR

As an HR professional, you are passionate about developing great leaders and teams.  You see the problems when leaders and teams don’t work together effectively.  Our goal is to provide advanced coaching competencies for HR so that you can impact common problems organizations face.

  • Misunderstanding, misaligned expectations, and conflict due to poor communication.
  • Decreased productivity and higher turnover due to low morale.
  • Reluctance to take risks and inability to adapt to changing market conditions.

We have 30 years of HR experience and advanced accreditation in leadership and team coaching, join our HR coaching cohort that is customized to your role.

HR Coaching Cohort

Why Are Coaching competencies important to HR professionals

  • To enhance their skillset: It can help better support leaders and teams and provide more holistic guidance to employees.
  • Better support for leaders: Coaching skills can help HR professionals understand leaders’ challenges and opportunities.  This provides more targeted and effective support to help them develop the skills to achieve their goals.
  • Strengthen employee development: By learning coaching skills, HR can support managers and team leader tin developing their coaching skills, which can then be used to help employees achieve their goals.
  • Build stronger teams: Helping teams understand the six pillars of effective teams, can lead to improved collaboration and communication, and ultimately better team performance.

Looking for a new approach to boosting employee morale, improving collaboration, and getting results; join our upcoming cohort focused on Coaching Competencies for HR.