Tresane Innovations

Group Coaching

Multiply the learning

Group coaching multiplies the effectiveness of cohort-based learning compared to 1-on-1 or online-only models.  Group coaching is ideal for:

  • Supporting an emerging leader program.
  • Improving adoptions of a new process or initiative.
  • Accelerating collaboration following a merger or acquisition.
Team Alignment

Project duration and frequency of calls vary based on the scope.

  • Emerging leader engagements typically range from 3 to 6 months, with virtual calls every other week.
  • The duration of initiatives to improve adoption depends on the complexity of the initiative.  The frequency of calls for longer-term initiatives often changes over time, at first starting weekly or bi-weekly, ultimately transitioning to monthly or quarterly.
  • The duration of merger or acquisition engagements can be as little as two to four months, with calls every other week.