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    This program provides participants with a foundation for living and working with intention.  This is important because leaders and teams often operate on autopilot, completing tasks and doing their best.  In this program, participants will explore foundational themes that support an intentional life.  In this program, participants will explore ____ broad themes:
    • What makes them tick, motivates them, explore sources of irritation and why, and how to gain more self-control
    • How curiosity about others impacts collaboration
    • The ability to acknowledge our environment fosters innovation, growth, and change
    The objective of this program is
    • Better at overcoming adversity
    • Calmer during a crisis
    • Connect easier with diverse viewpoints
    • More effectively balance competing demands
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    Stress Profile

    This tool will help you create a personal stress profile containing an organized compilation of the warning signs that precede you running into a wall.…