Tresane Innovations

Budgeting for Projects

Things to consider when budgeting for a leadership and team development project

At Tresane, we believe in the importance of transparency in budgeting.  We understand that our clients have unique financial situations and constraints, and we want to ensure we can provide services that align with their budgets.  By being upfront and transparent about our fees and asking our clients about their budgets, we can work together to find a solution that meets their needs while staying within their financial parameters.  Our goal is to establish trust and build solid and long-term relationships with our clients by being open and honest about budgeting from the very beginning.

Workshop or Speaking Engagements

We design workshops to provide targeted, engaging content for various-sized audiences. 

Our speaking engagements include 1-hour webinars or live speaking engagements to multi-hour workshops.

Budgets for a 1-hour event start at $1,500 plus travel.

1-on-1 Development Engagements

We customize 1-on-1 leadership development initiatives to meet an individual’s specific needs.    1-on-1 engagements are an ideal option for individuals whose development is specialized because either their role or the development goals are focused.

Budgets for a 3-month  1-on-1 engagement starts at $1,800 to $5,000 for a 1-year engagement.

Group or Cohort Development Engagements

Based on our experience, group or cohort engagements are more effective for shared learning and cost-effectiveness. This is because 1 hour for 8 individuals means 8 hours, whereas 1 hour for 8 people in a group means just 1 hour.

Budgets start at $3,500 for a 4-month virtual group of six participants.  The budget moves to $7,500 by adding two 1-on-1 sessions for each participant.

The length of time and the number of 1-on-1 sessions can significantly affect the budget.

Team Development Engagements

  • We design team engagements for small groups working together to achieve a common goal.

  • A typical, team engagement is longer-term starting at six months.

An effective team engagement budget starts at $7,500 for a 6-month engagement for six people.  

Budgets for team engagements are affected by the number of on-site vs. virtual sessions and 1-on-1 sessions.

Many factors influence the final budget.

While we will do everything we can to design an effective program that fits within your budget, we want to be transparent to give you an idea of the investments associated with differing types of leadership and team development work.