About (our story)

Vision – To support leaders to be their best so they can create a world of possibilities. 

Mission – To broaden the reach and impact of leadership coaching through harnessing the power of groups. 

Tresane = Trust, Respect, Balance & Results

Many years ago, our founder, David Baumgartner was having a conversation with his oldest daughter about her decision-making.  In a 12-minute discussion, Four Rules were born in the Baumgartner household, becoming a foundation for raising all four children.  Tresane is a blend of Trust, Respect, Balance, and Results.

Fast forward 10 years, the company where David was a part of the HR team developed its organizational values.  After years of being able to have conversations with his children, tying behavior expectations to a value word, like trust, respect, balance, etc., it was easy for David to help organizational leaders learn to recognize a behavior and decide if that behavior conflicted with or complemented the desired organizational value.

Today, Tresane is founded on the recognition that a major root of conflict and frustration is formed in a value conflict.  At Tresane we are dedicated to helping leaders and organizations accomplish results through teams that are aligned.  The alignment begins with the ability to know what is expected of team members to accomplish the desired results.

What are the values that are important to your organization?  Agility, initiative, transparency, teamwork?

Let us help you get clear on values that align efforts; we’ve been doing this for a long time.